Core Labs Hexa-D 90 caps


Core Labs Hexa-D 90 a powerful supplement to support muscle mass growth.

Core Labs Hexa-D is an advanced muscle mass support supplement. Hexa is recognised as a gentle agent that results in very good dry muscle mass gains. Its action allows you to achieve a hard and sculpted appearance. Haxadrone does not cause water retention or swelling. It is also not a methylated agent which means it is safe for the liver.

Core Labs Hexa-D is:

  • Increases protein synthesis,
  • Effectively supports the building of muscle mass,
  • Significantly improves appearance,
  • Will not burden the liver,
  • Works similarly to epistane.

What to combine Hexadrone with?

Because Hexa is an unmethylated compound and therefore falls into the liver-safe category, it is an excellent choice for combining it with other potent products such as m-drol or epistane. Using hexandrone results in significant muscle development as well as improved strength, which enables you to perform a much better workout. It helps build lean muscle mass without causing water retention in the body. It has a significant effect on glycogen storage, contributes to a huge muscle pump and gives the sensation of full, fattened muscles.

Haxadrone is a good choice for a first contact with mass building agents.

Core Labs Hexa-D composition:

1 serving, 1 capsule:

Hexadrone – 50 mg – known as 6-chloro-androst-4-ene-3-one-17b-ol is an active substance belonging to the group of muscular growth promoters Its action causes a significant increase in anabolism, which in turn contributes to increased protein synthesis. Hexadrone gives very good quality gains. The agent itself is safe, is not methylated and does not burden the liver. It gives dry muscle mass, which is ideal for quality body building.

Grape Seed Extract 95% – 10 mg – Grape Seed Extract inhibits liver enzymes, which are responsible for metabolising (converting) active compounds. Thanks to the addition of Grape Seed Extract to Hexa-D, our body is able to utilise the active substance more effectively for the purpose of building muscle mass.

Vitamin E – 10 mg – in the form of TPGS – belongs to the modified forms of vitamin E, which is water-soluble. This action is particularly important as vitamin E in this form acquires new properties. Its presence with other dietary ingredients makes them better utilised by the body.

Piperine 95% – 10 mg – is the active substance of black pepper with specific properties. Piperine will affect your body’s ability to utilise the active substances from Hexa-D. With this addition, the effectiveness of the supplementation is significantly increased and you can enjoy better results.

Naringin – 10 mg – in the body, naringin is converted into naringenin and inhibits the activity of liver enzymes. This action allows a more effective utilisation of the supplement’s ingredients. The correct choice of substances that increase metabolic capacity means that a lower dose of the active substance, in this case Hexadrone, has a much stronger effect.

Core Labs Hexa-D dosage:

1-3 capsules daily. Depending on progression, 6-8 weeks are recommended.


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