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NZT Ultimate from Core Labs is a new unique nootropic preparation that contains only the best ingredients that improve your memory, concentration, focus and affect the well-being of the day.

In the multitude of matters and everyday duties, each of us wants to do our job perfectly and quickly. In response to consumer demand, the manufacturer has created a high-end NZT Ultimate nootrope that, by concentrating strong ingredients, acts shock and multiplication on the body, maximizing your ability to work and learn.

It is recommended for all those who care about improving brain functions, remembering a large amount of information and for people who need a mega dose of concentration and energy.

Tianeptine Sulfate – is used as a remedy for well-being and also as a water-soluble nootropic agent. Tianeptine is SSRE (which means selective serotonin reuptake enhancer). It works effectively as an anti-anxiety agent. Tianeptine should be taken before a meal and taken orally as prescribed. It works by modulating the action of the main excitatory neurotransmitter in the brain, which is glutamate. Tianeptine inhibits harmful reactions of the body to stress by controlling glutamatergic pathways. This leads to increased neuroplasticity, which in turn allows the brain to cope effectively with anxiety. In addition, the substance is used for the overall improvement of brain function and increases libido.

Rhodiola Rosea– plant is one of the group of adaptogens, ie plants that help the body adapt to high mental and physical stress. Its main activity is to relieve fatigue, improve concentration and improve mood. All this translates into better results at the gym, as well as at work or school. it is a salvation for people with a demanding schedule of the day. Support for those who do not want to sacrifice their health or family life for a career and are looking for a golden mean to maintain an optimal balance.

Bacopa Monnieri – gently stimulates the nervous system – especially the limbic system, which includes the hippocampus responsible for memory processes. It also works as a relaxant, antiepileptic, analgesic and anti-stress (adaptogenic) – relieving nervous tension and typical distraction. It restores harmony and brings relief to depression. It intensifies the learning and memorizing processes, improves concentration and stimulates the formation of new nerve connections. It prevents hypertrophy of the prostate gland. The compounds contained in Brahmi also support the processes of cell renewal and regeneration as well as stabilize the structure of cell membranes.

Alpha GPC- activates the parasympathetic system (relaxing, calming), increases the level of GABA (inhibitory neurotransmitter) and growth hormone (GH, regenerative hormone), reduces the adrenergic activity (sympathetic nervous system), thereby eliminating the effects of stress and irritability. It causes a calming, anti-stress and relaxing effect. It supports the regeneration of the nervous system. Therefore, it is best to take this remedy before bedtime or rest. Alpha GPC is an excellent source of bioactive choline, and also a dietary supplement with nootropic, neuroprotective, relaxing and calming properties. Prevents neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s disease, dementia), improves cognitive functions, learning and memory.

CDC Choline is a substance necessary for the proper functioning and construction of every cell of our body. It occurs in the body in compounds called phospholipids, the most-known of them and the most abundant is lecithin. Phospholipids perform a lot of functions in our body, build cell membranes and act as relays in the nervous system (most likely they participate in the “creation” of memory). An important function of choline is its participation in the transport and metabolism of cholesterol and other fats – it reduces their deposition in the vascular wall and gallbladder, and also affects the liver (also reducing fat deposition) and kidneys (regulates the amount of urine excreted).

Modafinil – modafinil works mainly by increasing the concentration of two important neurotransmitters – dopamine and norepinephrine. Thus, it has a stimulating and stimulating effect on the nervous system, prevents excessive sleepiness and reduces the feeling of fatigue. On the other hand, unlike other agents with a similar effect (such as amphetamine salts or methylphenidate), modafinil is not addictive. Modafinil has an energizing effect on the entire nervous system, but it does not have a narcotic or euphoric effect that is proper to other stimulants. We can say that thanks to him we are able to achieve maximum, but still safe, mental efficiency. In addition, modafinil improves cerebral circulation, improves blood flow to the brain, affecting its better oxidation. Thanks to this, the energy level rises, and we feel more motivated and willing to act.

Phenylpiracetam- facilitates synthesis of high-energy compounds in nervous tissue and increases energy reserves by improving the use of glucose and oxygen in central nervous system neurons, as well as by increasing the tolerance of nerve cells to reduced oxygen. In addition, by preventing aggregation (sticking) of morphotic elements, it decreases blood viscosity and improves microcirculation in cerebral vessels. The action of piracetam results in improvement of psychophysical fitness, concentration of attention, ability to memorize and reproduce information stored in long-term memory. In addition, it is used in patients with sickle cell anemia, because it prevents the erosion of erythrocytes and has a positive effect on the flexibility of their cell membrane.

Grape Seed Extract – contained in the grapes resveratrol acts as an antioxidant, sweeping free radicals that damage the healthy cells of the body. It is a substance that reduces the absorption of LDL cholesterol in the walls of blood vessels, reducing the risk of heart disease and atherosclerosis. It inhibits platelet aggregation and prevents the formation of dangerous clots. It is perceived as a substance that has properties preventing the occurrence of obesity, and may also have beneficial effects in the prevention of diabetes. In addition, it has the ability to lower blood pressure levels, which is an important factor in the prevention of lifestyle diseases.

Piperine – the active ingredient of black pepper, has a thermogenic effect. It can increase the blood supply to digestive tract tissues, resulting in better digestibility of food components. It significantly improves the bioavailability of many active ingredients of supplements.

Noopept – a popular means of improving the functioning of the central nervous system. Its action is based on the stimulation of receptors responsible for the release of neurotransmitters. Clearly improves memory, learning ability, logical reasoning. It makes the brain better oxygenated and supplied with blood, thanks to which all information processing processes run faster and more efficiently.

Vinpocetine-vinpocetine has been used for many years to support various ailments, from epilepsy, strokes to Alzheimer’s disease. Over the past few decades, researchers have found that this compound is able to enhance cognitive functions. It has been proven that the key to improving mental efficiency is proper cerebral circulation. The action of vinpocetine in the body focuses mainly on the improvement of cerebral circulation. It contributes to cerebral vasodilatation and reduction of vascular resistance. Thanks to this, oxygen, glucose and other important nutrients are easily delivered to the brain. Supplying brain cells with oxygen and essential nutrients is crucial for efficient communication between neurons and improving brain performance.

Huperzine A– one of the most amazing alkaloid used to increase the ability to remember. Hupercine A is one of the most desirable substances in the group of agents that provide so-called brain doping. It allows you to achieve maximum concentration, focus and isolation of our attention in almost every situation. It is perfect for people with very demanding mental work as well as students or high school graduates. Unlike many other stimulants acting on our mind, its action does not diminish with time and we can benefit from the use of hupercin for a very long time. Both solo and also in the form of an important part of many complex supplements aimed at increasing mental abilities or improving memory are on the market.

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